Who We Are

Aprile Gallant

Curator, Prints, Drawings, and Photographs

I have been Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs at SCMA since 2002. I organize exhibitions and installations from the permanent collection, acquire prints, drawings, and photographs for the Museum, and speak to classes, groups, and visitors about the SCMA works on paper collection.

Henriette Kets de Vries

Cunningham Center Manager

As the Cunningham Center Manager I manage the SCMA works on paper collection. I organize the visits of classes and individuals to the Cunningham Center and advise faculty, students and other visitors on issues regarding the collection. Occasionally I’ll teach a class and curate an exhibition. I love research and specialize in Northern European Renaissance and Baroque art but my interests are ever expanding. I enjoy teaching people about art and I’ve made it my personal goal to create a welcoming unintimidating place for anyone to visit.

Colleen McDermott

Brown Post-Baccalaureate Curatorial Fellow

As the current Curatorial Fellow, I’m in charge of the Paper+People blog, so I can answer any questions you may have about the works featured here. I also run the Student Picks program, which gives Smith students the opportunity to curate a show using the Cunningham Center’s collection, and organize individual and class visits to the center.  If you’d like to know more about the Cunningham Center’s collections and programs or schedule a visit, send me an email—I’m happy to help!

Former Brown Post-Baccalaureate Curatorial Fellows

Maggie Kurkoski SC '12, 2013-2015

Julie Warchol, 2012-2013

Amanda Shubert, 2010-2012

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