Wednesday, April 25, 2018

STUDENT PICKS | Abstractions in No Man’s Land: A Future Without Us

Nicole Bearden is the Student Picks curator for the month of April. She is an Art History major and Ada Comstock Scholar. Her show considers post-apocalyptic landscapes and the ways they can model possibilities for transformed relationships between the earth and humankind. "Abstractions in No Man’s Land: A Future Without Us" will be on view in the Cunningham Center on Thursday, April 26th from 4:30pm-8pm alongside this semester's student grant program, Un/American: Open Mic Night at SCMA.

Benjamin Lord. American (1974 - ) CH2. Fig. 2. Antechamber with modern graffiti.  The plaster false wall has been removed in sections, visible at left., VOL. II from Humaliwo Chambers, Norton Christmas Project 2010. Color photolithograph. Gift of Jessica Nicoll, class of 1983, through the generosity of Gwen and Peter Norton. SC 2010:70-3 (2).

What would a world without humans be?

The works included in this exhibition showcase a variety of possibilities. Some portray the prospect of our present as an archaeological foray. Others abstract ideas of nature, and subtract the human element altogether. Whether explicit or symbolic, these works provide the opportunity to consider a world without us, how some populations are already being erased by our ways of life, and our current relationships to the land.