Wednesday, January 24, 2018

STUDENT PICKS | Flickers and Blinks: Confronting the Weight of Movement


Arpita Singh. Indian, 1947-. This Could be Us, You, or Anybody Else. 2007. Etching and aquatint printed in color on heavyweight, slightly textured, white paper. Gift of Bridget Moore, Class of 1979. SC 2014:27-1. Click here for larger image.

Movement is a point of change. When we move - in abstract or tangible ways, voluntary or forced - we engage with the changing of place, time, people, and culture. The artworks presented in this show reflect on this movement and the change it produces. As the viewer moves through this diverse display they also navigate several dichotomies: the singular/many, the imagined/ real, permanence/absence, and creation/destruction. While curating this collection I found myself resisting these dichotomies. What movement does best is connect these different points. We oscillate between oneness and multitude, between imaginaries and realities, hover indeterminately between permanence and absence, creation and destruction. Trying to take one piece in this collection to exemplify one or the other creates dissonance: they all contain echoes of their “opposite”. Knowing this, what does it mean to move? And how can the art presented here allow us to go beyond questions of dichotomy, and instead move toward realizations of the self?