Student Museum Advisory Council


The Student Museum Advisory Council at the Smith College Museum of Art—SMAC@SCMA—brings together a diverse range of Smith student voices and perspectives to support and enhance the work of the museum. SMAC gives voice to the student body and helps advise the museum in order to further its goals, generating communication and collaboration between the museum and Smith students.

SMAC’s overarching mission is to help the museum become more accessible and welcoming to—and ultimately more visited and enjoyed by—students of all interests, backgrounds and disciplines.


What does SMAC do?

  • Create a forum for students to engage in open and honest dialogue with museum staff.
  • Open up a direct line of communication between museum staff and Smith students, making it possible for them to provide feedback, raise questions, and make suggestions.
  • Provide an opportunity for interested students to learn about the daily functions of a college art museum, and to learn about working in the museum field.
  • Act as an informal advisory group for the museum, offering suggestions on such topics as programming, marketing, and other museum initiatives.


What are the meetings like?

SMAC meetings occur monthly on Wednesdays, for one hour at the Campus Center (room 102), from 4–5 PM.

Each meeting, a guest speaker from the museum staff presents on a topic or event at the museum. Afterwards there is a chance for a discussion and feedback session between SMAC members and museum staff where all are invited to share their ideas and thoughts.

Refreshments provided!


Interested? Contact Charlotte Hecht, Brown Post-Baccalaureate Fellow in Museum Marketing and Communications, at or 413-585-2695.


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