Student Picks: "With Closed Eyes," curated by Ejona Gjata '21

  • Thursday, January 31, 2019
  • SCMA's Cunningham Center, 4–8 PM
  • Student Picks Poster

    What does one typically think of when they hear the term colonization? Perhaps the words “expansion” or “devastation” come to mind or the phrase “taking over land.” Generally, when we think and learn about the history of colonization we simply see it as that– history. Something of the past, something that impacted lands and groups of indigenous peoples, but we barely scratch the surface. In continuing to skim through the various and intentional ways people of the past justified colonization and as well as learn about it in such a desensitized way, we do the people of the past, present, and future an injustice.

    This exhibit was created for a number of reasons, but with the goal to stand up against this perpetual system of seeing this from the viewpoint of the colonizer and give voice and attention to the colonized. To see people as people, individuals with the same goals and aspirations to lead a life of their own. Most importantly, to deconstruct ideas and ways in which we examine colonization by utilizing the artwork to draw in a deeper and more personal connection to the lives of the people who were, and continue to be, impacted by centuries worth of colonization. When entering this exhibit, I want the audience to enter with their eyes open. Not just in the literal sense, but to process what they see and as important questions: What am I looking at? Who is in this photo? Why has it been taken this way? How has what I’ve been taught in the past impact how I look at these photos right now? Remember that every moment, every angle, every detail is intentional and contributes to both self identity and colonial portrayals.