Kim Taedong


 Kim Taedong spent days exploring the city of Seoul before taking the photographs in the series Day Break.  He needs collaborators to achieve his goal of revealing a city different from the one that most of its residents experience. First he identifies a location that he believes will appear significantly different at night than it does during the day.  He then returns with his camera waiting for a subject to appear.  After obtaining the individual’s agreement to pose for a series of photographs he begins shooting.  What began as a chance encounter becomes a brief, but meaningful relationship. Viewers, however, have no inkling of what drew his subjects to the locations late at night in the first place.  The anonymous people and their environment take on a slightly ominous and unsettling quality.


Kim Taedong. Born in Seoul, South Korea, 1978. Lives and works in Seoul.#018 (Boy standing near concentric circles)From theDay Break Series. 2011. Digital pigment print. Courtesy of the artist. ©2015 Kim Taedong