Burnished Saggar-fired Tall Vessel

Bob Green’s burnished vessels are thrown using porcelain clay. This very smooth white clay lends itself to the burnishing process. Once the pot is completely dry and before firing in a kiln the pot is polished several times with a smooth stone, this is known as burnishing. The first time the pot is burnished a coat of baby oil is rubbed onto the surface of the pot and polished to produce a smooth slightly shiny surface. The second burnishing involves the thin application of a clay slip called terra sigillata [which is Latin for Earth Seal]. Once the terra sigillata is applied to the smooth bone dry pot, it is burnished a second time with a piece of fleece. A high gloss starts to develop on the surface of the pot. The piece is then placed in a saggar - a container made from bricks or clay.

The saggar is sealed with the pot inside and fired again to about 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. The next day the pots are unloaded from the saggar, cleaned and gently buffed revealing a beautiful surface obtained from the smoke and fumes trapped in the saggar with the porous pottery. While these results vary from piece to piece some control is obtain by the way the saggar is loaded and placement of organic material surrounding the burnished pot.

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