General Museum Questions

  • I want to have a piece of art restored/repaired. Can you recommend someone?
    The Museum cannot endorse specific conservators. Excellent information about selecting a conservator is available on the American Institute for Conservation’s Web site.
  • How do I go about getting my piece of art framed?
    There are many local matting and framing businesses from which to choose. We cannot recommend any specific one but if you wish to search for one, click here. To learn about what questions to ask regarding the most current conservation methods, click here.
  • Where can I get a piece of art I own appraised?
    The Museum is not allowed to provide appraisals or to recommend specific appraisers. However, online sites—including Sotheby's and Christie’sallow you to search for recent and past auction prices for a particular artist’s work. For a formal evaluation of a specific object, you may wish to consult the International Society of Appraisers or the Appraisers Association of America, among others, for listings of appraisers. For appraisals of charitable donations of works of art, check with your tax preparer or accountant for the proper procedure and paperwork required by the IRS.
  • What’s the best way to move a large painting or sculpture?
    Moving art is a specialized service best handled by an experienced fine-art shipper. There are only a few such firms in the country. For crating or shipping in western Massachusetts and the region, contact Fine Art Security Transport, LLC or Dax Transportation. For crating or shipping outside the region, try U.S.Art or ARTEX Fine Art Services or Atelier 4. The Museum does not endorse specific art-handling and shipping companies.
  • I am a local artist. Would SCMA consider my work for a solo exhibition?
    The Museum receives many exhibition proposals from artists, other individuals, and institutions. SCMA’s exhibitions are closely tied to Smith College’s curriculum and teaching needs and are typically planned two to three years in advance. Unless a proposed exhibition supports teaching needs, it is unlikely that it will be added to the schedule. Because of the volume of unsolicited proposals we receive, the Museum cannot return artists’ portfolios or CDs.
  • Does the Museum buy art?
    The Smith College Museum of Art continues to strengthen its collections through purchases and gifts of works of art. The director and curatorial staff regularly review collections, to set priorities for acquisitions. The Museum buys works of art from reputable dealers and auction houses, and occasionally from individuals. Purchase offers may be addressed to the attention of the director or curator at
  • May I speak with a curator?
    The Museum’s curatorial staff is small, but curators are happy to answer questions about the collection, donations of works of art, and other topics related to the Museum’s holdings and exhibitions. Please contact us first by e-mail at or by letter, rather than by phone, so that questions may be directed to the relevant staff member for a response.
  • How may I donate my art collection to the Museum?
    The Museum welcomes all offers of gifts of works of art. Potential donors may contact the director or curatorial staff about their intentions to offer a gift. The Curatorial Council will ask the prospective donor to provide information about the work or works being offered, as well as images. (Digital .jpg images or snapshots are fine.) The Council will consider, among other criteria, whether each work of art is appropriate for the collection. If the gift is accepted, the Council will ask the donor to fill out a deed of gift, to transfer ownership. If the work being offered does not fit the Museum’s collecting needs, the gift will be declined, so that the donor may approach another institution.