Monday, February 3, 2014

Student Picks: Soulful Rebellion

Student Picks is a SCMA program in which Smith students organize their own one-day art show using our collection of works on paper. This month’s student curator and guest blogger Kenny Clarke '17 discusses her show “Soulful Rebellion: The artwork known as graffiti” which will be on view THIS FRIDAY, February 7 from 12-4 PM in the Cunningham Center for the Study of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs. We hope to see you here!

Richard Estes, American (1932 - ). Subway from the portfolio Urban Landscapes III, 1981. Silkscreen printed in color on white Fabriano cotton paper. Gift of Janice Carlson Oresman, class of 1955. Photography by Petegorsky/Gipe. SC 1982:32-1

I have always been interested in graffiti as an artwork. When others think of graffiti they think of the defacement of property, gang initiations and signs. I, on the other hand, think of beautiful rebellious art that tells a gripping story.


Aaron Siskind, American (1903 - 1999). Lithuanian Shoemaker 3, 1957. Gelatin silver print. Gift of Lynn Hecht Schafran, class of 1962. Photography by Petegorsky/Gipe. SC 2003:43-3j


Gary Simmons, American (1964 - ). Flaming Boom Box, 2005. Four color lithograph printed on white Pescia paper. Purchased with the Elizabeth Halsey Dock, class of 1933, Fund. Photography by Petegorsky/Gipe. SC 2007:5-1

I chose graffiti to show people what I fell in love with. Just like any other form of art, graffiti can invoke a great range of feelings. I wanted my audience to understand the difference between the art of graffiti and simply defacing property.

Elliott Erwitt, American born France (1928 - ). Southern Charm, Alabama, from Photographs: Elliott Erwitt, 1951-1968. Gelatin silver print. Gift of James Hunter. Photography by Petegorsky/Gipe. SC 1979:46-9

Thank you so much to Margaret Kurkoski and the Cunningham Center for making this show possible.  


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