Monday, October 10, 2011

What about this drawing intrigues you?

What about this drawing intrigues you?

Help SCMA improve our interpretive labels!

The goal of interpretive labels is to give visitors information about works of art. The problem, of course, is that not everyone is interested in the same thing.

What do YOU want to know? Here’s your chance to share your ideas and help us create more effective and interesting labels.

What questions do you have about this drawing?

What is the first thing you notice?

What words come to mind when looking at this drawing?

What function do you imagine this drawing may have had?

Please record your questions, comments, ideas, or observations in the comments section. You can use the questions we’ve provided or formulate your own: all observations are welcome.

Your feedback will also help us in planning an exhibition of French and Italian drawings scheduled to be on view during the Fall of 2012.

We will post some test labels based on your comments and ideas, and hope you will check Paper + People to see (and rate!) our labels for clarity, interest, and effectiveness.

An installation featuring this drawing will be on view on the Museum’s second floor until November.


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