Satō Shintarō


Tokyo Sky Tree, a broadcasting and observation tower located just to the east of the Sumida River, is now the tallest structure in Tokyo. Satō Shintarō photographed the tower from the earliest stages of its construction in 2008 to its completion in 2012. 

For this project he altered his usual manner of working, abandoning a large-format film camera for a smaller digital one.  To capture the scale of the megalithic structure that dominates the traditional neighborhoods on the eastern side of the city he felt he needed to join together multiple images. The result is a series of panoramic views of the city that cannot be taken in by the viewer in a single glance. 

The photographs extend time. In this image taken in the Narihira neighborhood, the cat inside the Mizuuchiya tofu shop can also be found out on the street.  Despite the overwhelming scale of Tokyo Sky Tree, Satō shows that on the streets of Tokyo daily life goes on oblivious to this monument of the modern megacity.


Image credit: Satō Shintarō. Born in Tokyo, Japan, 1969. Lives and works in Tokyo.December 25, 2010, Narihira, Sumida-ku From the Risen in the East Series. 2010. Inkjet print. Courtesy of Photo Gallery International. ©2015 Satō Shintarō.