Andrea Fraser: Little Frank and His Carp

April 9–June 30, 2019

Andrea Fraser is best known for performances and writings that turn art world conventions on their head. From a museum tour that included water fountains and exit signs (Museum Highlights, 1989) to books and essays that question art world patronage, Fraser has set the terms—and witty tone—of institutional critique for nearly three decades.

Set in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, Little Frank and His Carp uses hidden cameras to film Fraser’s performance, which is a response to the Guggenheim’s audio guide. The guide stood out to her because of its sensual descriptions of the architecture, designed by the architect Frank Gehry. Taking its invitation to caress the building’s soaring forms and curved walls literally, Fraser pokes fun at the hyperbole and self-seriousness of museum discourse.




Image: Andrea Fraser, Little Frank and His Carp, 2001. Single channel video, 6 min. Purchased with funds from the Contemporary Associates.