Skoglund Australia Tile

Australia: In the beginning everything was dark and gloomy.

The great ancestor Karora was sleeping in the dark at the bottom of a dry lake. Many flowers grew over the soil. The ancestor’s head lay at the foot of a very tall pole that was alive and covered with a smooth skin. In his dreaming, animals like bandicoots emerged from his navel and armpits. Eventually, the sun rose and the dawn of time began. The ancestor awoke hungry, and he cooked some bandicoots to eat. During the night, the first son of the ancestor emerged from his armpit. Many sons were born after that through the armpit of the ancestor and they eventually killed all the bandicoots. Continuing their hunt for food, the sons saw a wallaby and attacked it. The injured animal scolded them and declared that he was a man like them. The sons stopped in astonishment. They returned to the dry lake to meet their father and were engulfed by a great flood of honey from the flowers. The sons were carried by the flood to a thicket where they rejoined the great wallaby they had injured. Thereafter, in all bandicoot ceremonies the people proclaim that the injured wallaby is their everlasting chief. The original ancestor Karora is lying behind in his eternal sleep and is pleased.

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