Skoglund China Tile

China: In the beginning there was one single original egg.

The god Pan Gu was created from the interaction of the opposing forces of yin and yang within this egg. Pan Gu roused himself after sleeping for 18,000 years inside the egg, and this broke the shell. The elements inside the egg fell out. The heavier materials formed the earth below and the lighter materials floated up to form the sky above. Pan Gu was very tired and he tried to rest, but he was so exhausted that he died. From his dead body came the shapes of the world. His torso and limbs became the mountains and his eyes became the sun and the moon. His hair became the trees and plants. His tears became the rivers and oceans. His breath became the wind and his voice became the thunder. Finally, the fleas that lived on Paqn Gu’s corpse became humankind.

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