Curator‘s Comments

This small reliquary, made to hold precious relics of saints, has a central scene depicting the biblical story of the Judgment of Solomon. A seated king at the far left gestures toward a soldier, who stands with a large sword above a swaddled infant in a crib. Two agitated women, each claiming to be the child’s mother, gesticulate at the right. Figures of saints appear above, and on the ends. The opening to the shrine, on the back, is fitted with a lock to keep the relics inside safely preserved. Relics of saints were venerated by the faithful for their power to effect miraculous cures and answer prayers.

Reliquary with the Judgment of Solomon

Unknown artist. French (Limoges), Early 13th century

Reliquary with the Judgment of Solomon, 1200-1210

Champlevé enamel on copper

Purchased with the gift of Louise Ines Doyle, class of 1934

ID Number: SC 2006:50