Curator‘s Comments

During the summer of 1890, Monet began a series of four paintings depicting poppy fields near his house in Giverny. In this series, along with those of oat and hay fields painted during the same summer, he emphasized both the beauty of Giverny and its vitality as an agricultural center. He also broke with his usual practice of painting fields before planting or after harvesting, as in his well-known series of haystacks. Instead, he depicted rich, fertile crop-fields and flowers in full bloom.

Field of Poppies reflects Monet’s increasing interest during the 1890s in developing the decorative, tapestry-like qualities of his paintings while continuing to explore atmospheric effects. This work is arranged along strong horizontal and vertical axes, created by the field of poppies, the hills of Giverny in the distance, and the tall row of trees. Paint is applied with small touches of the brush and built up to create a shimmering surface texture.

Field of Poppies

Claude Monet. French, 1840–1926

Field of Poppies, 1890

Oil on canvas

Gift of the Honorable and Mrs. Irwin Untermyer in the name of their daughter, Joan L. Untermyer, class of 1940

ID Number: SC 1940:10