Curator‘s Comments

In this painting, Kirchner has depicted Doris Grosse, his friend and frequent model (affectionately known as Dodo), and her brother in a vibrant, colorful manner that characterizes the style of the artistic group called Die Brücke (The Bridge). In 1905, Kirchner and three other students (Fritz Bleyl, Erich Heckel, and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff) formed Die Brücke in Dresden, Germany. The group became known for their use of intense, sometimes dissonant, colors, and for an abstracted, shallow use of space.
Kirchner painted Dodo and Her Brother in 1908 and retouched it about 1920, when he was systematically repainting earlier canvases.

Dodo and Her Brother

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. German, 1880–1938

Dodo and Her Brother, 1908–1920

Oil on canvas


ID Number: SC 1955:59