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room with tables with printed propped up on them; people stand looking at the prints
Guests mingle at Yollian DaSilva ‘13’s October exhibition “Perspectives in Theater, Perspectives on Theater” - the first of the academic year!

Introducing Student Picks

August 23, 2011

Amanda Shubert is the 2010-2012 Brown Post-Baccalaureate Curatorial Fellow at SCMA. 

Student Picks is SCMA’s student exhibition program. Each year, seven students are selected by lottery to organize individual monthly exhibitions using the collection of prints, drawings and photographs. Exhibitions are held in the Cunningham Center from 12 - 4 on the first Friday of the month during the academic year.

Student Picks allows students to engage with works of art from a perspective that isn’t necessarily art historical—they simply follow their enthusiasm through the collection, and what they come up with is always exciting and often extraordinary. Our students help us see the collection fresh, through new eyes; they light on objects we rarely use or pair works we never would have thought of pairing. 

Stay tuned for posts from our Student Picks curators on creating their own art exhibition! For now, you can read more about Student Picks on the websiteon the Grécourt Gate, and in the Sophian.  And take a look at these pictures from last year's Student Picks exhibitions. This should get you geared up to enter the lottery yourself this academic year!!! Ballot boxes will start appearing around campus on September 5. (Ready, get set, GO!)


room with tables with printed propped up on them; two people stand in the corner looking closely at one of the prints with their backs to the viewer


Kendyll Gage-Ripa ‘12’s December exhibition “Who Is She Really?: Interrogating Representations of the Female Body”


five people stand in front of a display of prints, dressed in formal clothing and smiling


Nellie Knox ’11 and her family at her February exhibition “Advertising in Art”

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