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Sum of Its Parts: Multi-Panel Works on Paper from the Collection
This installation includes multi-panel photographs, prints, and collages from the SCMA collection made between the 17th and 21st centuries.
Multiplying Power: Image as Protest in Prints and Photographs
This installation displays a range of prints and photographs from the SCMA collection whose circulation documents and sparks social change.
Figuration and Abstraction: Asian Art at SCMA
Drawing from the SCMA's holdings of Asian art collected over more than a century, this exhibition features paintings, sculptures, prints,…
Deborah Jack: the water between us remembers, so we carry this history on our skins, long for a sea-bath and hope that the salt will heal what ails us (2018)
How do memory, place, nature, and the afterlives of slavery and colonialism connect?
middle aged woman with serious expression, short hair, earrings, wearing a suit, seated in a chair before a large out of focus painting

In the Aftermath: Humanizing Mass Tragedy

Caitlyn Brabo '27 is a Cunningham Center Assistant at the Smith College Museum of ArtBy Caitlyn Brabo
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