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Woman sitting on couch in living room with dog at her feet on the right, child looking through window at train passing by on the right
Living Room on the Tracks, Lithia, Virginia
Ogle Winston Link
Negative 1955
Gift of Priscilla Cunningham, class of 1958, in honor of class of 1958
Anamorphic projection of a water tower
What Will Come
William Kentridge
Purchased with the Janet Wright Ketcham, class of 1953, Fund
Cover of Queen of Flowers and Pearls by Gabriella Ghermandi
Cover of cookbook Teff Love: Adventures in Vegan Ethiopian Cooking
Teff Love: Adventures in Vegan Ethiopian Cooking by Kittee Berns

SCMAinsider: Staying Inside

April 9, 2020

SCMAinsider: Staying Inside

It is likely that you find that your routine has shifted of late. Us too. Some of us are reading and cooking and watching more; some of us are now full-time teachers and caregivers to our kids; all of us are on Zoom, a lot. 

Staying Inside is a new series on SCMAinsider, the museum’s blog. It will regularly feature contributions from SCMA staff and students about what we are into these days, be it a book, a work of art, a song, a podcast, a recipe, a way to get outside, a performance; anything, really, that we are holding close or that brings us comfort and connection right now.

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