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Julia Giguere in Washington, D.C.

Welcome Marketing and Communications Fellow Julia Giguere!

Countless times in my life I have said, “I love going to museums!” When I travel, I always try to find a new museum to see. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts or the Sandwich Glass Museum on Cape Cod. Big or small, art or history, I just love seeing culture displayed.

About a year ago I spent four days in Washington, D.C. visiting my best friend Tess who is in graduate school there. We went to seven museums in four days, and I remember sitting down for dinner after our third Smithsonian on the first day, and feeling like I had come to a realization. Exhausted but happy, I said, “I would love to work at a museum.”


"Julia Giguere (left) and best friend Tess Herdman (right) at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum"

Julia Giguere (left) and best friend Tess Herdman (right) at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum


My undergraduate career was spent “up the mountain” at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH where I received a B.A. in Communications Studies in 2020. A communications degree is broad, and I took full advantage of that, exploring my interests in graphic design, arts journalism, and media law. Outside of the classroom, I discovered a love for ceramics (a love, not a gift), and always had my camera by my side. I was also a member of the Presidential Blue Key Society, a student ambassador, and a tour guide. I consider New London to be just about the most peaceful place I have ever been, and although you may be hard-pressed to find something to eat past 7 pm, you can’t beat the views of Mt. Kearsarge and Lake Sunapee.


"The View of Mt. Kearsarge from the Colby-Sawyer Ceramics Studio"

The View of Mt. Kearsarge from the Colby-Sawyer Ceramics Studio


Before the start of my fellowship, I worked as a Marketing Associate for the Boston-based production company Tandem Bike Creative. I began as an intern, and credit my time there for teaching me so much about the principles of marketing and design and what it means to be a creative. Every day was something new. I was able to assist with a video shoot that took me to the NFL headquarters and do research for a scripted series that was filmed in Scotland. But when I returned from my trip to D.C. I felt a desire to make a change, and a pull to the museum space.


"Behind the scenes at a Tandem Bike shoot"

Behind the scenes at a Tandem Bike shoot


Finding the Smith Fellowship opportunity was incredibly exciting. These next two years will allow me to explore this passion I have for museums and also exercise and further develop the strengths I have in marketing and communications. Smith has an unparalleled reputation, and being able to take on this opportunity in my home state feels like a gift. 

As my first few days come to a close I know that taking this jump was the right decision. I am very excited to be the Smith College Museum of Art’s Post-bacc Fellow in Marketing and Communications. And I do in fact love working at a museum.

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