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Poster that says SCMA conversations next to painting of a young girl at a pink table with a large piece of meat.

SCMA conversations


A series of conversations in which a curator and an expert discuss one artwork from the exhibition Then\Now\Next.

Emma Chubb, Charlotte Feng Ford '83 Curator of Contemporary Art, and Terry Ragasa, butcher and owner of Sutter Meats in Northampton, take a close look at Honoré Sharrer’s painting, Meat (1975–78). 

Terry Ragasa is the co-owner and operator, with Susan Ragasa, of Sutter Meats, a neighborhood butcher shop in Northampton, MA. Since opening in 2014, Sutter Meats has been dedicated to preserving the craft of traditional butchery and narrowing the gap between the eater and their food source.

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