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Painting the Persianate World: Portable Images on Paper, Cloth and Clay 
Despite the mountain range that divides them, Greater Iran and the Indian subcontinent have long been in contact through trade and…
Worlds in Process: Art from the SCMA Collection
This project, called Worlds in Process: Art from the SCMA Collection, pilots new strategies for displaying the collection. 
Cloudless Blue Egress of Summer by Sky Hopinka
Cloudless Blue Egress of Summer is a two-channel film by artist and filmmaker Sky Hopinka on view in SCMA’s Video and New Media Gallery.
A Beacon to the World: Art from the Sylvia Smith Lewis ’74 and Byron E. Lewis Sr. Collection
This special installation celebrates the recent donation of artwork from Sylvia Smith Lewis, class of 1974, and her husband, Byron E. Lewis…
Elizabeth Sacktor working with Campus School Fifth Graders, to look at Adoration of Shepherds by Erasmus Quinellius II

Silken Threads: A Journey Through Local History with a Student Museum Educator

Elizabeth Sacktor ‘24 is a History Major and Studio Art Minor with a Museum Concentration. She has worked since the fall of 2022 as a Student Museum Educator (SME) at SCMA.
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